“Tempus Invocationum – Time of Invocations” is the second book of the “Vita Caroli Pauli” series. It describes the first months of an extensive journey of Carolus Paulus, the young 13th century monk, whose mission is to explore how schools and scholars of all types within the “Holy Empire” would work, and in particular its German speaking part.

The mission is a secret one, ordained by none less than the pope, Innocent IV., himself. And everything seems to be safely and peacefully laid out when he leaves “his” monastery the 22nd of April 1247. But the severe conflict between emperor Frederik II. and the pope shatters the empire to its foundations, and young Carolus finds himself being tossed about by the tidal waves of his days.

He has to make up his mind: Not to favor one or the other of the opponents, but to turn to the one who has, as he perceives it, ultimately sent him: God on High. So he calls upon him, in the loneliness of endless wandering, in danger of life, in the turmoil of his soul – and in the painful loss of friends. Yet, he feels, his frequent invocations are somewhat provisional, somewhat tentative, an approach to a future solution more than a present fulfillment of a promise:

Even when coming to an halt at the coast of the Baltic Sea after exactly 180 days, Carolus has not “arrived” yet. And though he considerably matured over the months, there is still a long way to go. And another quest ahead.

The book first appeared in German in spring 2017. An English translation is in preparation, and the “introductio”, the epilogue to all of his journeys is already available in English: Just send an email (go to “contact”), and we will answer.