Beginnings are usually not awfully difficult: Thrilling ideas produce their own characteristic energy, plans are readily made and targets coined to noteworthy phrases. All this is true if you employ plain language and decisive action.There is a subtle charm in every beginning.

But there ist more to it: “Mine is the morning!” After all, when it comes to ourselves, during all initial phases we often have to reassure ourselves by developing a notion of what we think, what we want and who we are. This is particularly true for beginnings. So, in quoting the protagonist of my works, 13th century Carolus Paulus, at a decisive stage of his initial phase (“INITIA – Zeit der Anfänge”, Inscriptio Tertia, quoting from the German original), I may say this:

Die „Vita Caroli Pauli“ zu schreiben, das ist nur ein Versuch, und das nicht um des zeitlichen Ruhmes willen, denn wer sollte meine Zeilen schon lesen…

… writing the “Vita Caroli Pauli” is but an attempt, an essay. And it is not for timely honours, ’cause who might read my lines, after all!”

Being quite aware this might happen (“who might read my lines?”), I nevertheless have the courage to expose my writings to the public. Not because I might gain acclamation, but in order to touch people’s heart.

If you are interested how “it all” beginns, how the story I tell unfolds, and what it is all about: Just let me know (email) and you will be one of the first to receive notice when the English version (in preparation) will be available. Meanwhile you may receive the already translated “Introductio” of “INITIA” for free. (email)