In two days his journey is supposed to come to an end: After more than three years of traveling a young monk from a Southern Swiss valley – way back in the 13th century – hurries home to see his deadly ill mother hopefully for the last time.

But his hopes are deceived: “Heaven and Earth” change the fortune of the strong-willed yet sensitive young man in the center of the – historically accurate, but fictitious – adventure story in such a peculiar way that his personality, his identity is severely damaged .

What once seemed solid and reliable is fundamentally shattered. And following the radical changes he is confronted with, what unfolds is not only an entirely new plan for his personal life, but also turns upside down what Europe had been so far, in the middle of the 13th century.

And everything: happiness, power, faith, politics and religion are redefined during these years of the “Interregnum”, the period between the 40ies and the 70ies of the 13th century in central Europe.

And to add to that, the “climate change” the reader becomes a witness of refers not only to – literally – the weather, the glaciers and the mountains, but in many ways, to almost all societies and all layers thereof – to the mighty and the lowly, to the world, as it was known.

But under the heading of “nothing remains as it is” the main character of the novel personally opts for a new beginning: Without paradigms of his future role, without anyone’s permission, and – initially – without any moderation. 

And so, what was originally supposed to be nothing else than an period of professional education turns out to become the beginning of a series of journeys, of which the present is nothing but the start.

INVOCABIT” is – in the medieval setting of a strong traditional context – the beginning of everything: Here, in his personal “Invocation” and the realization of his own utter inabilities, the protagonist begins a life of self-determination, lays a foundation for the alterations of his family and commences enticing and fascinating friendships that do not spare – in a historically very accurate rendering of facts – the most powerful people of his time: So, popes and kings and celebrities of those days do gradually appear at the horizon of the plot. Ready to be discovered in the subsequent volumes of the description of his life. A life “he” himself calls “Vita Caroli”.

INVOCABIT is published by tredition in Hamburg, Germany, in a German language edition. The English translation is in preparation, with an expected publishing date of summer 2017. 

The book can be ordered there as a hardcover, paperback or eBook, following the link supplied. A representative set of pictures can be found – through the provided link – at Flickr.

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