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770 Years Before Our Times

It is in these days, around the 22nd of April 1247, my protagonist, young Carolus Paulus from St. Maurice monastery located in today’s “Valais” in Southern Switzerland, leaves his home and later his birthplace, as well. For a long time: 1260 days, divided up into discrete bits of 180 days each, he wanders about Central and  Western Europe in fulfilling a secret but clear-cut mission:

It is non less than the Pope himself that had ordained his superior, the historic figure of Nantelmus, to send “someone” out to investigate what schools and seminars all over the country are like, or rather what they should be like. But venerable Nantelmus sends young Carolus to do the job. And he cares for all expenses.

So, from this day onwards, 770 years later, we might follow Carolus as he makes his way through “The Empire”, as he puts it. We will try to do so for the next five years, literally, step by step, mile by mile, mansion by mansion, city by city. Thus, “miles, mansiones et mutationes” of his extensive journey is what we will try to bring closer to the interested public.

This is also to say that we are working on an English translation from the original German version of all books, published and planned. In the meantime the epilogue to it all, the substantial “introductio” is already available on request, for no cost so far: Please got to “contact” and send an email.

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