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Had Been Working on “Works”

I have lately added a page on “Works“. And – smilingly – hope it “works well” for you.

The plural (“works”) is frankly inadequate: My „works“ consist of one, unfolding in seven journeys of a life in the 13th century. Nonetheless I speak of several. Please find out why: HERE.

In this first explanatory contribution I give initial ideas of how

  • themes
  • times and
  • languages

are used. And what they fundamentally mean to my writings and publications.

All other aspects of my “works” will be disclosed gradually, step by step. This will in particular be true of “places” (locations) just because I realize even today, at the outset of all works,  that – most trivial to see – to most of the readers “unknown places are unknown”. I will at a later stage pay tribute to that. So be curious: More is to come.


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