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First Things

With this blog – a novelty to me – I would like to shed light to a few backgrounds, thoughts and sources that have laid the foundation of a series of books of which “INVOCABIT” is but the first.

In seven journeys of his life time a young monk of 13th century Europe virtually discovers the world, and quite literally the whole world. A world though that – in his days – undergoes fundamental changes. The fate of individuals and states, of kings and countrymen, of denominations and religions, is altered in depth, and even ideological and religious paradigms change on all levels.

For reasons I will describe a little later (just follow “Vita Caroli Pauli” every time it appears!) this blog will accompany my activities – if God allows –  for at least four years. And I hope it will enable many to find their own perspective: On life and death, or “heaven and earth”, as the protagonist of my stories puts it.

Yet: blogging is new to me, so I can not promise to be neither comprehensive nor always easy to understand. And not only because new media require new means of addressing the public, and this implies new ways of speaking and writing, as well. But most of all: being brought up very traditionally, my understanding of today’s media is and will probably always be far from perfect. Neither will my language be.

It might on the other hand be a strength that my personal confidence in and my intimate affinity to the worlds I depict and would like to disclose in the days to come seems to me to be sound enough to support, as it were, those who seek.

I still believe that those who seek shall find.

So, as I will be gradually filling up “this container of mine” (you may bluntly call it “blog”), I would encourage everyone who reads, follows, takes part, disagrees or doubts, walks, thinks and prays to do right this: Do read, do follow, do “weigh it”, think for yourself, go for yourself, pray for yourself. And you will find! – I will never forget my grandmother saying: “Theres is nothing good – unless it is done”.

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