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770 Years Before Our Times

It is in these days, around the 22nd of April 1247, my protagonist, young Carolus Paulus from St. Maurice monastery located in today’s “Valais” in Southern Switzerland, leaves his home and later his birthplace, as well. For a long time: 1260 days, divided up into discrete bits of 180 days each, he wanders about Central… Read More 770 Years Before Our Times

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Advent of the Hero

Believe me or not: This is nothing but a technical description. And I could certainly have said: The coming of the protagonist. Yet, I think the headline I chose is more appealing. The news is: “Carolus Paulus” has got his own website. His own life. His own campaign (starting 25th December 1246, 2016 respectively, i.e.… Read More Advent of the Hero

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Had Been Working on “Works”

I have lately added a page on “Works“. And – smilingly – hope it “works well” for you. The plural (“works”) is frankly inadequate: My „works“ consist of one, unfolding in seven journeys of a life in the 13th century. Nonetheless I speak of several. Please find out why: HERE. In this first explanatory contribution… Read More Had Been Working on “Works”